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Steve Auscavitch

Photo of Steve Auscavitch
Science/Data Team
Graduate Student
Temple University

Steve is a PhD student in the Cordes Lab at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He is interested in the ecology and biogeography of cold-water corals and hard-substrate deep seafloor communities. His research is focused on understanding the relationship of seamount benthic communities with those of nearby deep shelf environments. He has also researched similar relationships among deep-sea communities in the Drake Passage and along the Western Antarctic Peninsula shelf. This year is his third season working on Nautilus as part of the data management team. 

Steve graduated with a BS degree in Marine Sciences from the University of Connecticut at Avery Point in 2011. In 2014, he received his MS degree in Marine Biology from the University of Maine. 

"Working on Nautilus has been a major opportunity to directly participate in the collection of physical and biological data from the deep ocean. I’m excited to take the next step with Nautilus in exploring the eastern Pacific Ocean and beyond."