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Mike Brennan

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Expedition Leader
Director of Marine Archaeology and Maritime History
Ocean Exploration Trust

Mike Brennan is the Director of Marine Archaeology and Maritime History for OET and Expedition Leader for Nautilus. Mike's research focuses on environmental assessments of shipwreck sites ranging from ancient to World War II. His past work has focused on documenting the extent and intensity of bottom trawl fishing damage to ancient shipwreck sites in the Black and Aegean Seas. Mike has been working on expeditions since 2006 and with Nautilus since 2009. His other research interests include excavations at Maya sites in northern Belize and employing geochemistry to source limestone from monuments to quarries.

Mike Brennan graduated from Bowdoin College in 2004 with a degree in archaeology and geology, completed his MA in archaeology from the University of Rhode Island in 2008, and his PhD in geological oceanography at URI's Graduate School of Oceanography in 2012.